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Nissan VPP Program

Pricing for C Plans below. Please call for A&B pricing!

Nissan Canada Inc. & Affiliate Companies:


Note: Any time there is an issue regarding any person's status as a family member or retiree, the default position will be to align Corporate Vehicle's position with H.R. definitions.

Why do some customers already have a VPP Claim Number, and others do not?
There are two different ways for customers to acquire a VPP Claim Number. The preferred way is for the customer to visit the Consumer VPP website www.vppcanada.ca, which walks the customer through the steps of the VPP program. If the customers qualify as a VPP participant, they will be able to generate a VPP Claim Number right on-line. Once a Claim Number is generated, the customer will be instructed to visit a dealership and present this Claim Number to the Sales or Fleet Manager of the dealership.

The other way customers can acquire a VPP Claim Number is by visiting a dealership and identifying themselves as a VPP customer. It is then the responsibility of the Sales Manager to use this Web site (follow the VPP link through the Dealer Portal, www.nnanet.com) to complete and print the VPP Claim Form. By completing the Claim Form, a VPP Claim Number will be generated. Top

What if a customer comes in without a Claim Number?
If customers come in without a Claim Number and say they are eligible for the VPP, simply verify their employment with a business card and pay cheque stub or Company Photo I.D., complete the required information on this Web site, and create an official VPP Claim Form. A customer's Claim Form must be used within 90 days of issuance. Top

Can Dealership Employees participate in the VPP?
Yes. Employees of Nissan and Infiniti Dealerships in Canada are eligible to participate in the VPP program. Top

Can customers lease vehicles through the VPP?
Yes. If a customer leases through NCF or IFS, a special lease incentive may apply. Please check your monthly Sales Program bulletin for lease program details. Top

What if a customer requires a trade-in overallowance, has negative equity in a trade-in, or is responsible for a lease payoff?
The overallowance or the amount the customer owes may not be included in the purchase price indicated on the VPP Claim Form. The value of a customer's trade-in may be used to pay for the vehicle purchase, but it cannot be used to determine the VPP purchase price. The trade-in must be handled as a transaction separate from the VPP price calculation. You must complete a Trade-In/Negative Equity statement if the customer is using their vehicle as a trade-in for the VPP purchase transaction. Top

What if a customer wants to buy a service contract or Dealer-installed accessories? Does a VPP discount apply?
VPP customers can purchase Added Security Plans or Infiniti Protection Plans directly from the dealership. Nissan Canada full-time employees should consult the current Vehicle Purchase Policy for information regarding applicable discounts on ASP/IPP.

Prices for accessories are negotiable between the Dealership and the customer. Top

How can we determine if we've been paid the NCI portion of the VPP delivery fee and/or the VPP discount applied to the vehicle sale price?
VPP claims will be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer directly to your dealership within approximately 30 days of claim submission. Each VPP claim must pass through several audit confirmation steps prior to payment. You can check the status of each VPP claim on this website under Check Claim Status. Top

What Does the Customer Pay?
VPP customers pay a pre-negotiated price for a new Nissan or Infiniti vehicle. The VPP Dealer Web site calculates all discounts and prices automatically. See chart below for details:

How much does the Dealer make?
For sales to all VPP customers, Dealers earn a delivery fee that is variable by model. If the purchase is a Plan A or Plan B or Plan D one, NCI will pay the dealer. If the purchase is a Plan C one, the customer pays the fee.

Plan C Variable Pricing Grid - Invoice + administrative costs of:

New Pricing Effective 4/1/2015

*Excludes (S5LG55) 1.6 S Manual Transmission Micra

Plan A and B Variable Pricing Grid

New Pricing Effective 4/1/2015

*Excludes (S5LG55) 1.6 S Manual Transmission Micra

How do we process a VPP sale?
The customer will either bring you a VPP Claim Number OR you'll be accessing the Claim Form from this site. For the most part, the VPP sales transaction is completed on-line. You will have to print the VPP Claim form (and possibly the 'Dealer-Added options and the Trade-in/Negative Equity forms as well) for signature and permanent record of the sale. Once the transaction is complete, you will submit your VPP Claim (for reimbursement of the appropriate discount) directly to Nissan Canada Inc. on-line.

If all information is included and accurate, the Dealer delivery fee will be paid within approximately 30 days. Incentives are paid separately upon report of the sale. If you submit a VPP Claim with errors or omissions, it will be returned to the Dealership for correction.

See the VPP Dealership Administration Guide for detailed instructions on how to complete the VPP Claim Form and a list of required backup documentation.

Do retail sales incentives apply to VPP sales?
Yes. All current retail sales incentives apply. Any national retail sales program Trading Dollars, Merchandising Dollars, Lease Cash, etc., will be populated on the calculation page automatically once you select the type of sale (i.e., Retail Purchase, Lease, Special APR) on the VPP calculation page. Regional-specific or other applicable retail incentives also apply; these must be keyed in under the 'Regional or Other Incentives' section of the VPP calculation page. These incentives will be verified during VPP sales audits.

Business Partner FAQ

What is the Vehicle Purchase Program?
The VPP program enables you to purchase a new Nissan vehicle at a non-negotiated starting price, regardless of which dealer you work with.

Simply select the applicable profile on the home page to obtain a VPP claim ID, take the claim ID to the Sales Manager at a dealership of your choice, and select the vehicle you want.

You'll enjoy VIP treatment throughout the purchase process - and drive home in a beautiful new Nissan.

Note: The participant must reside in Canada.

Who qualifies under the Vehicle Purchase Program?
Direct, full-time employees of companies in Canada that have a contract or purchase order directly with Nissan Canada and their spouses.

Retirees, friends, and immediate or extended family of Business Partner companies are not eligible for the program.

Please note that sister companies and subsidiary companies are not eligible for participation.

How many VPP claim IDs can I get?
Employees can issue two claims per fiscal year for personal use.
Companies can issue four claims per fiscal year for business use. The Business Partner Company may be the purchaser, but the Claim Form cannot be in a different company name.

What type of proof of employment do I need?
A copy of your current paycheck stub ($ amounts may be marked through), business card, or company issued photo ID showing the name of the eligible employee and company is required to verify proof of employment.

  • Driver's License of purchaser proving spouse/domestic partner resides in the same household. Driver's License is required of the spouse/domestic partner if the business partner employee is not the primary purchaser.

How do I finance a vehicle purchased or leased through VPP and are there special rates offered for VPP customers?
Financing is handled the same way it is with non-VPP purchases. If you choose to finance through the dealership, normal credit standards apply. Your Dealership can assist you with the most current offers.

Are all Nissan and Infiniti vehicles eligible for the VPP discount?
No. VPP incentives vary by model and actual savings will vary based on model, trim and options selected. Not all Nissan models or trim levels are eligible for VPP. Contact your local dealer to inquire about model eligibility.

Can a dealer refuse to honor the VPP discount?
Yes. Please remember, our Nissan dealers are valued business partners/internal clients, but not obligated to participate in the VPP program offers.

How much will the vehicle I'm interested in cost?
You can contact your local dealer for specific model pricing.
Please note that any dealer-installed accessories are negotiable between you and the dealership. There is no pre-negotiated VPP price for dealer-installed accessories.

How can I find out if incentives are being offered on the car I am interested in?
For information on current vehicle incentives, contact your Nissan dealer.

Can the value of my trade-in be used to further reduce my purchase price?
No. The value of a trade-in can be used to pay for your vehicle purchase but it cannot determine your purchase price. Your trade-in must be handled as a transaction separate from the VPP price calculation.

Can the dealer charge me a documentation fee with VPP?
Yes, the documentation fees should be the standard charge for all customers, including VPP customers.

Can I transfer my claim ID to another person?
No. Claim IDs can only be used by the person they are issued to, and the name on the sales contract written at the dealership must match.

How long is the claim ID valid?
Claim IDs are valid for 90 days from issuance.

How can I get a Corporate VPP Ad Banner?
Contact VPP Headquarters via e-mail at NissanVPP@ProgramHQ.com.